Flying tiger: knitting set

去年末、大阪に行った時に初めてフライングタイガーへ行きました!(表参道のは混んでるから) 可愛いものだらけだったけど、大阪から持って帰るには重さに限界が。。。そんな中軽くて安い(全部安いけど)ものを買いました。ニット作りセット400円。

Last December I went to "Frying Tige"r in Osaka. It was first time to visit this shop. there is it in Tokyo though it's very clouded always and I couldn't enter inside. I really wanted to buy many things but it's difficult to bring heavy things to Tokyo. I chose knitting set , it's light and unexpensive. 400 yen ( abt 4USD).


Inside:set included with yarn, cotton and manual in many language like DE, SE, NO, UK, DU, NL, ES, IT, FR, GR, PL, LT, LV, RU, FI and JP.



I tried to knit with reference to the manual but I felt strange feeling... Cutline is to knit counter clockwise, but descriptive text is to do clockwise. At first I started to do with counter clockwise, and I learnt it's difficult for right-handed people. So I stop to do and restart with clockwise.

It's a kind of spool knitting, very fun.

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